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Free Race Entries to PMA race marshals

We couldn’t put on our events without good marshals, as as a way of giving something extra (as well as t-shirts and food), we’re happy to give free race entries to race marshals.

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In the online form here, you can choose what event you (or your friend or family member) will get a free entry for. Choose you’re marshalling location.

You Choose

You’ve even got the option to choose what location you would like to be stationed at.
Eg. you might want to be based at transtition, so you can encourage your friends who’re racing, or maybe helping out at setup or tidy up, as you want to do the race itself. We’ll do our best to accomodate you.

No limit to how many free entries you can get.

If you marshal at one event you can get a free entry to another of our events. There’s no limit to how many events you can help marshal or get free entries for.

How does it work?

Just fill out our online form and choose which race you (or a family member friend) would like to support and then choose which event you would like a free entry for. We will then send you a voucher code which you can key in online when you enter your chosen race.

You can event transfer the entry

You can even transfer your free entry to a friend or family member, or to another race if you are unable to make it, for whatever reason.

Free race entries for Race Marshalls – Register

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    Do you have any other experience, qualifications or skills that you think would be helpful to marshalling at an event? e.g. You know the course, trained first aid, experience in a specific area etc.

    What events would you like a free entry?
    Foremarke Hall Junior TriathlonForemarke Hall TriathlonDerby TriathlonCarsington Duathlon

    What events can you marshal at? or you can provide a marshall for.
    Foremarke Hall Junior Triathlon (12.07.2014) - Set upForemarke Hall Junior Triathlon (12.07.2014) - Event marshallForemarke Hall Junior Triathlon (12.07.2014) - Pack awayForemarke Hall Triathlon (13.07.2014) - Set upForemarke Hall Triathlon (13.07.2014) - Event marshallForemarke Hall Triathlon (13.07.2014) - Pack awayDerby Sprint Triathlon (14.09.2014) - Set upDerby Sprint Triathlon (14.09.2014) - Event marshallDerby Sprint Triathlon (14.09.2014) - Pack awayCarsington Duathlon (05.10.2014) - Set upCarsington Duathlon (05.10.2014) - Event marshallCarsington Duathlon (05.10.2014) - Pack away