Locko Park – Swim Course

Swim – 500M (1 laps)

The swim will start depending on your wave in the water section to the right of the bank to the right approximately 70M from the swim finish. Swimmers will need to arrive 15 minutes before the designated wave start time and will be allowed into the water 8 minutes prior to the start time and be counted in. The course is rectangular and will be set off in small waves between the 2 Huub inflatable swim buoys and will swim in a clockwise direction identified by 3 large inflatable PMA swim buoys with the first buoy 150M from the start. After 1 lap proceed to the finish and swim between 2 (different Huub buoys) and exit the water. Marshalls will be on hand to help you exit the water, which is a little silty near the bank. Keep the PMA buoys on your right at all times.

There will be a lead canoe and canoe safety cover located throughout the swim section so please ensure that you keep the canoeists on your left at all times.

All competitors please note: United Kingdom inland waters are not completely safe for swimming, although risk of disease are low and risks of serious infection are small, swimmers may be susceptible to infection through immune suppression, particularly if they are not in good health at the time of swimming. Therefore if you are unwell you should seriously consider the implications of racing.

The lake temperature is likely to be 18-22’C and wetsuits are likely to be optional. For weaker swimmers we suggest wearing a wetsuit for safety (and speed) reasons.

Canoes will be on hand to guide you and provide safety cover. If you get into difficulty, turn on your back and raise one arm; a canoe will then escort you to the bank. If you appear to be struggling in the swim, or if you have been in the water for a long time you may be pulled out.